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Excavators: What You Need to Know

An excavator is a popular option for many people using the services of expert plant hire companies. It is a piece of construction equipment that has the ability to manoeuvre on many different types of terrain, with mini-excavators working in tight and compact spaces. With 360 degree movement, the excavator offers the perfect solution within construction where dirt, materials and debris needs to be removed from an area. An excavator is used to dig, scoop and remove materials from construction sites, demolition projects and other sites where digging is required.

There are a few different aspects of your own project that you should consider before choosing the right excavator for your needs.

First, think about the terrain that the excavator will be working on. If the area comprises of quite rocky terrain, in a difficult to reach location, the best option might be to use a smaller excavator that is easier to transport to that location. Another factor to consider is the type of dirt and materials that require lifting, as you do not want a situation where the excavator gets stuck in the mud after a few stints at digging dirt.

Another aspect to consider is whether you need to, and how to, transport the excavator from site to site. It may be that you require a large trailer to transport the excavator, with a wide load. It can also increase your transportation costs if you are using the same excavator on two jobs back to back.

The size of the excavator you require will depend on the type of work you will be undertaking. Large excavators are needed on heavy duty construction sites where large holes are to be dug, and vast quantities of dirt removed. Mini excavators work well in smaller surroundings, tight spaces and in foundation and landscaping work.

Once you have chosen the excavator you require, should you buy or lease the machinery?

There are several benefits to using a plant hire company for your excavator needs. The first major benefit is the versatility of the service. It may be that there are some projects where you need a large excavator and others where a smaller model is all that is needed. Plant hire allows you to use both, without worrying about the purchase and running costs over a longer period of time.

Good plant hire companies offer a next day delivery on machinery, ensuring that you can utilise specialist equipment as and when you need it, without losing time and money having to wait around for it. With good and careful planning you can keep all projects under budget and on time.

Plant hire companies also provide you with a level of expertise due to the fact that they understand the machinery they are leasing out. You’ll also benefit from top of the range equipment, and on-going maintenance and repair processes, ensuring you have only the best machinery on the job at any given time.

With the usefulness of excavators and the benefits of plant hire it is easy to see why excavators are such a popular part of plant hire services.

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