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The Role of Red Team Review

Federal Contracts are lucrative and have many benefits, especially for small businesses. They provide opportunities to expand the network and help increase revenues. While they’re very profitable, winning one can be very difficult. You need to commit for a long period of time to compile helpful resources to prepare for the competition in a powerful way. From research to proposal development, to review – everything must be carefully planned and executed.

The article will mostly talk about the review process for federal proposal writing highlighting the role of the Red Team Review.

What is a Red Team Review?

Red Team Review is part of the Color Team Review, a service that comes together with Proposal Development, which is essential in order to successfully validate the quality of the product before submitting it to the federal contracting officials. There are various teams including:

  • Pink Team
  • Red Team
  • Gold Team
  • White Glove
  • Blue Team
  • Green Team
  • Black Hat

Each of them has specific roles, functions, and responsibilities in the review process. Depending on proposal format, complexity, and volume, usually only a few teams participate in the editing process. One of the most important one is the Red Team Review which is responsible for an in-depth analysis of the whole proposal from customer’s point of view.

The team is considered to conduct the most critical content review of the near-final version when the writing process has already reached 90-95% of completeness. In a few words, this team must confirm that the proposal writing team has done a great job and that the solution given in the draft comprehensively meets all the Evaluation Factors for Award.

Their role is to ensure that the client has presented their solution properly, in compliance with RFP’s requirements, while ensuring that the draft includes all the stated benefits, discriminators, and every other element that could enhance the possibility of winning highest scores from Proposal Evaluators.

Keep in mind that the red team must be appointed early in the proposal development phase to allow necessary corrections and revisions in advance. The ultimate goal for the Red Team Review is to bring the proposal in a complete winning form!

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