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Three Customer Service Practices to Avoid at All Costs

Companies that don’t prioritise customer service and don’t mind their staff ignoring their customers will only get a temporary fame in social media. But, those that want to succeed will avoid this strategy and give their customers the care and respect they deserve. Sure, bad customer service can make for a viral social media post or video, it doesn’t make a business successful. If you want to gain up the high ground for your company, you want to avoid customer service disasters that include the following:

Putting Customers on Hold for a Long Time

Being put on hold for a long time is something customers never wish for. This can only make them frustrated which can, in turn, become a bomb to blow up what you have worked so hard for in years. To avoid this situation, ensure you have enough people to take calls from customers. If you don’t have your own customer service department, think about hiring a virtual receptionist or telephone answering service. Check out for this. You can also let your customers fill out an online form and assure them to get a timely call from you. This way, you don’t have to put them on hold while you take other calls.

Getting Back at the Worst Customers

Not all calling customers are nice. You can come across those who want to just yell out and pick a fight. Although it can be tempting to get back at these people, it will not end well with your business. Even if you come across the worse people in the world to speak with, it is imperative to just bite your tongue. You want to ensure you don’t get bad reviews and testimonials later because these can have adverse effects on your brand.

Not Listening to Customers

A lot of companies ask for consumer feedback; however, don’t really pay attention to what they say. In order to improve your customer service, you need to hear complaints from your customers. You can benefit from customer feedback because it can tell you how your company is doing and what things you must change for the better to satisfy your customers.

Giving good customer service can be difficult. It is challenging to keep everybody satisfied and happy with your products or services. But, you must give good customer service to ensure your business survives. Customers like to do business with companies that they can access and listen to them.

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